Israel Guidance

Yeshiva Visits to Or Chaim 2016- 2017

  • Monday October 31st – Gush: All day interviews with Rav Gottleib
  • Wednesday November 2nd – Reishit: Dvar Torah Tefila 12:12pm with Rav Marcus
  • Wednesday,November 9th – Mechinat Otzem: 12:07pm  with Harav Yaron Levi
  • Thursday November 10th – Torat Shraga: 12:07pm  with Rav Elmaleh
  • Friday November 11th – Bar Ilan: ‘Breakfast and Learn’ with Meir Balofsky
  • Sunday November 13th – KBY: Morning with Rabbi Zahtz
  • Monday November 14th – TVA: ‘Breakfast and Learn’ with Rav Yehuda Seif
  • Tuesday November 15th – Mevaseret: ‘Breakfast and Learn’ Dvar torah @ T’fila with Rav Shimon Isaacson
  • Tuesday November 15th – Aish Gesher: 12:07pm  with Rav Ephy Greene
  • Wednesday November 16th – Sha’alvim: 12:07pm with Rav Noam Koenigsberg
  • Thursday November 17th – Yeshivat HaKotel: 10:30am with Rav Horn
  • Thursday November 17th – Mechinat Keshet: 9:38 – 10:18 with Rabbi Levi
  • Tuesday Nov 22nd – Maalei Adumim: 10:30am with Rabbi Gross
  • Tuesday November 22nd – Yeshivat Ashreinu: 1:50pm with Rabbi Akiva Naiman
  • Wednesday November 23rd – Orayta: 10:30am with Rav Krohn
  • Wednesday November 23rd – Eretz HaTzvi: Lunch Presentation with Rav Yitz Motzen
  • Monday December 5th – Gush: Interviews with Rav Moshe Taragin
  • Tuesday December 6th – Migdal HaTorah: Lunch Presentation with Rabbi Uri Pilichowski
  • Thursday December 12th – Lev HaTorah: 10:30am with Rav Boaz
  • Tuesday, January 10th – Yeshivat T.V.A.: Dvar Torah and Interviews with Rabbi Aaron Bayer
  • Tuesday, January 10th – KBY: Interviews with Rabbi Blachman
  • Monday, January 30th – Yeshivat Eretz Hatzvi: Interviews at 11:00am with Rabbi Susman
  • Tuesday January 31st – Lev HaTorah: Interviews with Rav Cytrin
  • Tuesday January 31st – Torat Shraga: Interviews with Rav Olshin
  • Wednesday, February 1st – Gush: Interviews with Rabbi Gottlieb
  • Thursday, February 9th -Yeshivat Hakotel: Interviews and Mishmar with Rabbi Reuven Taragin

Israel Guidance Calendar

By end of Sep. First round of meetings with Israel Guidance staff
Goal: discuss interest in going and what type of Yeshiva/program

November Yeshivot and programs visit YOC
Goal: become familiar with the Yeshivot/programs of interest

December Second round of meetings with Israel Guidance staff
Goal: decide on which Yeshivot/programs to apply to

Jan.-Feb. Interviews with Yeshivot and programs + acceptances

Feb.-Mar. Third round of meetings with Israel Guidance staff
Goal: decide which Yeshiva to register to