UO Matmidot Program

uo-matmidotTorah learning is one of the key foundations upon which our school is built on and upon which we encourage our students to lead their lives. It is with that in mind that we launched the Matmidot program at Ulpanat Orot last year. The goal of this program is to give students the opportunity to learn extra Torah on a voluntary basis. Students will have the ability to improve their skills, connect with teachers and feel an overall sense of inspiration and dedication.
Our Matmidot program meets for 3 additional hours of learning each week:
Two lunch and learns per week, one chavruta-learning based and one on Parsha and contemporary topics; and one day a week after school, further developing the chavruta learning session.

Because this program requires a serious commitment, each student who participates regularly in this program will be exempt from one Judaic Studies exam in June. Those who cannot commit to the full program are still encouraged to attend any of the additional hours of learning.
Our Matmidot program is coordinated by Mrs. Sara Munk, Assistant Principal at UO. For more information, please be in touch with Mrs. Munk (smunk@bastoronto.org).