YOC Matmidim Program

matmidimThe Matmidim program continues for a fifth year at YOC. Our Matmidim program meets for additional learning several times each week.

The learning for two of the slots is guided chavruta learning that focuses on further training our students to learn gemara independently, as well as exposes them to a larger amount of Gemara than they would normally see during regular shiur. In the third meeting, the participants split up into small groups and have a chaburah led by one of our Rabbeim that discusses the material learned in chavrutah as well as focuses on the conceptual analysis of the Gemara. These sessions aim at giving our talmidim a greater breadth and depth of Gemara understanding.

matmidim2Our participants also have the opportunity to have a lunch and learn with a different rebbe each week. There they are able to strengthen their relationships with different members of our rabbinic faculty as well as learn a wide range of contemporary topics in Jewish thought.

Students participating have a lighter workload in Gemara and will receive a small shas at the conclusion of the year in recognition of their efforts.

Our Matmidim program is coordinated by Rabbi Sonenberg, Director of Judaic Studies.

For more information, please be in touch with Rabbi Sonenberg (nsonenberg@bneiakivaschools.org).