OSSD Requirements

The high school program is based on the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Credit system. Students must earn a total of 31 credits (one for every 110-hour course successfully completed) to obtain a high school diploma. Eighteen of the credits are compulsory, earned in a specific number of courses from a list of subjects that every student is required to take by the ministry. The remaining 13 credits are optional, earned in courses that the student may select from among the full range of courses offered by the school. Applied to the 13 optional credits are 2 credits yearly derived from the Jewish Studies program.

Students must also complete 40 hours of community involvement activities and must pass the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test, which is taken in Grade 10.

Jewish Studies

The study of Torah is the loftiest goal that Judaism espouses. One of the main goals of the Yeshiva and the Ulpana is to instill in and imbue our students with this love of Torah. To this end, we offer a variety of obligatory Limudei Kodesh courses designed to broaden and deepen one’s commitment to Torah learning and observance of mitzvot.