Bnei Akiva

BA-girlsThe Bnei Akiva Schools maintain a close relationship with the Bnei Akiva movement. Many of our students lead Bnei Akiva youth groups in shuls across Toronto and attend or work at Bnei Akiva camps.

From the Bnei Akiva Toronto website:

Bnei Akiva inspires and empowers young Jews with a sense of commitment to the Jewish people, the Land of Israel and the Torah.

‘Bnei Akiva’ means ‘the children of Akiva’, and our ideology relates directly to the story of Rabbi Akiva. At the age of 40, after growing up tending flock, he decided that he needed to find out the essence of the Jewish faith. He reasoned that just as something as soft as water can penetrate a solid rock and cause it to erode, so too can the Torah penetrate into himself.
We endeavour to follow Rabbi Akiva’s qualities, namely his love of Hashem, his devotion to the Torah, his love of Israel and the fight for its independence, and respect for work.
Bnei Akiva gives young Jewish people a framework to live a religious lifestyle in the modern world and a mission to make an active contribution to our community and the State of Israel.

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